Its over, and im cleaning up
I found somethings,
Maybe I should keep them or not.
Making me nostalgic, 
Both glad and sad.

Letting go is hard 
Moving on is a challenge.

The Creepy Monster

An assumption;
Its all clear, everybody is there,
Reality is different, almost like a rottened fruit
fermented and musty.
Things are ugly and hateful;
so are people, people you love mostly.
I wonder why the people loved have a weapon
Weapon to fuck you over, in all ways.

The weapon spits, spits in your face,
The weapon, is a python constructing around one
To kill with strength by clinging on,
clinging on even more!
The weapon has a vaccum, to lift you up by the hair!

If none of this breaks you,
Of course only if your a seasoned fighter!
The poison, the deadly one, is the support the weapon has,
In forms, of blood, and some like the ones who can take a bullet!

The support we believe is ours,
A very stupid thing to do!

Men In Black

In Between


I have no magic spell,
No words to tell
Open so I can step In.

Darkness remains,
through the light perforating
With a smell so faint.

Chained and unwell,
thats what it seems,
I understand, but please.

Unlock and unpack,
before its late,
They will all leave.

Wedding Gifts

Good Luck

Many rights, and then all wrong
Lust is the beginning
And love is end all.
Do and undo
Try and fail.
Hope is left with nothing
Wish remains.
Somewhere in the layers
Roosts distortion.
Smoking out might hurt
But hidden will torture.
Shall we let it out?
Or suffocate the bout.
Troubles rumble louder
Options cease to one choice
Which isn’t transcendent.
Smudge and creases survive
Clarity is wandering.

Chaotic Harmony

Gold Rings

Organic Fibre

Worldwide and the Spider Web,
Intertwined Lines,
In a Funny Sort of Fashion,
A Mode to Life,
Or Trap to It?
Inviting People,
Their Attention,
The Spiral of Death
Yet Beauty
~Yogi K