I have no magic spell,
No words to tell
Open so I can step In.

Darkness remains,
through the light perforating
With a smell so faint.

Chained and unwell,
thats what it seems,
I understand, but please.

Unlock and unpack,
before its late,
They will all leave.


  1. I love the rusty feel of this picture. Maybe if you had taken the picture from below (a little more) it would have looked even more amazing.

  2. The poem and the picture paired together make perfect sense. I especially love the lines 'Open so I can step in'...and "/they will all leave". Can relate to both of them.
    The all binding lock and the chain thats holding it stronger make even more sense when you read the poem.

  3. Antique :)
    is that Navtal ? the name of the lock i mean ?