Good Luck

Many rights, and then all wrong
Lust is the beginning
And love is end all.
Do and undo
Try and fail.
Hope is left with nothing
Wish remains.
Somewhere in the layers
Roosts distortion.
Smoking out might hurt
But hidden will torture.
Shall we let it out?
Or suffocate the bout.
Troubles rumble louder
Options cease to one choice
Which isn’t transcendent.
Smudge and creases survive
Clarity is wandering.


  1. nice pic :) you need to explain me those lines whenever your'e free. ok ?

  2. it makes me feel of the mumbai bomb blasts, the red pipes luk like they are goin to spark a bomb or a fire cracker, and the barren land makes it luk like there is some sort of a bad plan for devastation ver neatly planned!!!
    very well captured!!!

  3. tha's indeed a very very intense outlook. the visual has suddenly intensified for me.