Big City LIghts

I was living in spite
Till I met him.
He was a part of my fictions.
I believed did not exist.

Sometimes there’s magic.
He is a majestic lion
Walking alone with pride.
A person who defeats
Disrespect and Wrong
Holds everything high.

His thoughts,
Make the five sensual elements
Of character.
What I did not believe
Was here.
He condemned everything
That made me hate.
The power in his honesty, the fear in wrong
Made me believe
That’s a man very strong.

He is good and wise
Chivalry is not dead,
His conduct makes me respect.
He is a sum of all ideals
And gallant deeds.

He is a man enough, to love,
Where love is complete surrender
Of one's ego and a promise of faith.
It isn’t an effort, its natural.
He makes it.


  1. hey!!!this was a real treat..amazing...
    its a real piece of ART...

  2. This one speaks to me, because it's very me.
    Love the shot. :)

  3. heyyy!! beautiful pic....its caaptured every bit of emotions and portrayed it very wonderfully!! :)

  4. wow!!
    can i tell u smthing???
    y does it luk to me dat he luks like he is walkin on water!!! and tryin to watch each step of his!!!

  5. oh god, never saw it like this.. i dont knw if he is walking on water.