Facial Art

Keeper of our manhood
Our sharp cheekbones, facial art
What plays behind your razor,
In the debris of your alley?
What dreams and lost hopes lie fallen?
What pang furrows your brow?

~Pooja Sastry

1 comment:

  1. he says-
    i have earned my bread n butter doin this all my life,
    i have talented myself in the art of makin ppl shine,
    ppl cm to me of just one reason, to help them shine,
    the lifes of people are made by themselves,
    but without me, i am so sure, they are incomplete.
    i have earned respect and loyality, because thoses who come to me,
    know that i am their best shine on, and i wil contiue till i know,
    my body is too old, and my life cannot shine that little razor on a shiny face,
    i have dedicated my life to this job that i do, i know some day i wil be missed by the ones who shine their lifes, and i will miss them too!!!