yellow traffic lights

while walking down old Ahemdabad, this is what i saw, and thought we
wear what we have, so what if they just mean through colours.
That's the  beauty of India...  many colours... inspired from the orange of oranges,
red of the kumkum, blue of the peacock  feathers, yellow from the sun, green from aloe leaves, pink from her blush, white from the clouds, violet from raindrops, gray from the ashes, brown
of the the twigs...... colours from smiles and tears.. dreams from fears... we sense and feel.


  1. i love the photos and idea ... and the words are beautiful, but i wish you'd weaved them into poetry like the others.
    on the other hand ... if you meant it to have that spontaneous, rush-of-perceptions feel ... it works well like that.

  2. Anonymous14:45

    love the sentimnent..

  3. holy cowwwww, u really take advantage of colors!