Butiefulll woman

power in thy
encoded, incomparably
in thy's focussed eyes,
exuding confidence
in the rivetting smile.
in her onerous duties.
the strength in tough and tougher,
makes her smile.
the freckles- are the signs
of her trials,
bristly and brown skin
speak in silence of her journey
in this dissolute world.
yet the focussed eyes
ready for ten million wars
and threaten, with her smile.


  1. it's an amazing quality to find beauty in every sense of life, and that's why I appreciate this post of yours.


  2. the verse is almost there ... but it falls just short of drawing the readers in and making them feel the lady's smile and skin and eyes as contemplatively, as lingeringly as you do. Maybe it's the last two or three lines ... the rhythm falters a bit.

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  4. commenting on your poem:

    firstly, inspirational and touching..first few lines generates a sense of duties that this lady inspite of a face encompassed with wrinkes, the odds that she affronts..the last few lines (in this dissolute world
    yet the focussed eyes
    ready for ten million wars
    and threaten, with her smile.)what a beautiful way to end a short poem..it makes a point that come watever she is there to fight all odds with her smile...
    Bravo girl! continue writing

  5. p for u i have worked out the poem..thankoo

  6. thanks rajdeep, what about the pictures..?

  7. amazing0811:50

    Its amazing the way you apreciate the diffrent way of culture

  8. paru23:54

    love the colours!!