Like the sinful fruit she ate.
consequently this 'world'.

Like the lines of the colour on her,
when she she first came in this world.
Like the dress of her favourite doll,
who could never be a part of her world.
Like the first signs of her being her,
welcome to this unkind world.

Like the lipstick she dare wear,
its not right to be that way in her world.
Like the feeling she never felt ever before,
nobody has not felt that in this world.
Like the feeling she felt
that nobody wants to feel in this world.

she is machlirani
she is.
she has fins
and can pout
long hair and a mermaid tail
you just have to see it.
she can swim
& dance
just like machlirani.


  1. i love this one

  2. paru23:59

    i absolutely love these!